Storytelling for English learning

Story sessions and workshops for teenagers and adults. 

The stories are told in English. In workshops, students are asked to predict, role play similar situations and discuss ideas found in the stories. Drama activities are sometimes used as warmers.
Example videos: workshops  and performances

Rebecca is a natural story teller, my CAE class were captivated by her collection of nicely-chosen, short stories and they wanted to know at once when they could have their next story telling session! There was plenty of interaction and opportunities to get involved and even to get into some of the characters. They were left with lots of enthusiasm for story telling and were keen to tell some of their own. Anna Newborn, English Teacher at British Council Bonanova, Barcelona. 


The teenage CAE students were completely absorbed by the stories. For them, it was a fresh approach to a traditional form of communication, storytelling but not not presented in an infantile way.They were very enthusiastic about giving their own interpretations to the follow up activity of continuing the story. We all had a really nice time!  Szuszanne Asher, English Teacher, British Council Amigó, Barcelona

You told the stories in a very intriguing and entertaining way. You chose the authors very well. We couldn’t stop listening, we were like hypnotised. Your way of talking is lovely and we didn’t get bored. You’re a great storyteller. Come again please!  CAE 1 students, British Council Barcelona. 

Story sessions and workshops for primary learners. 

All stories are told in English and include songs and musical instruments. The children are invited to participate, either by miming parts of the story while it is being told, repeating short sentences or rhymes and/or singing along to short songs in the story. Depending on the children’s level of English, we may create a story as a group (eliciting emotions, actions and events from the children who become the authors of the story). Drama activities are sometimes used as warmers.

Example video: Storytelling and workshops in Ladakh


“What I like most of Rebecca’s story-telling sessions is that I usually feel like a child, enjoying the moment, absolutely involved by the atmosphere of the story, being part of it. This is like a miracle, I’m a primary English teacher but not “old” enough not to be fascinated and transported to a different reality by the storyteller.”
Francisca Jiliberto, English primary teacher, IE Les Vinyes.

Storytelling workshops for English teachers.

In these workshops, we explore:
1. How teachers can develop their storytelling skills.
2. How these skills can be taught to our students in an ESL context.
3. How storytelling by teachers and students may be exploited in the ESL classroom.
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Where to find good stories and storytelling activities online. 

Download a list of websites

You can also listen to many storytellers on my Youtube channel: Rebecca Lemaire

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